COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the global pandemic we can currently only accept candidates already residing in China.

About Us

Who We Are

Founded for teachers, by teachers.

CEO, Business Development
UK Office

Schools Liason, Candidate Experience Manager
China Office

Candidate Onboarding, Marketing and Communications
UK Office

There is currently a high demand for English language teachers across Asia. Two of our three founding members have taught in various institutions across China. After helping numerous friends find better jobs, they decided to go beyond their social circle and set up EDU China.

Our Services

Tailored Placement

We listen to your needs, and will try and place you in the best school suited to you. From which city, to which age group.

High Quality Schools

High standards are applied to schools which we partner with, on factors ranging from: pay, location, job satisfaction and benefits.

Negotiate On Your Behalf

Negotiating with HR in China can often be a daunting task. We can speak on your behalf in an effective manner, to help meet your requests.

Post-Arrival Support

There are many challenging cultural and linguistic aspects when moving to an Asian country. From setting up a mobile phone to opening a bank account – to figuring out where your nearest supermarket is. Our team of China experts will help you get acquainted and settle in.


Excellent service, even after I arrived

I was really grateful for the contact with Zak and Jake once I was in China. It helped me get comfortable quickly and allowed me to start enjoying my time here.

Very friendly, not like normal recruitment process

Zak and Jake are very easy-going. I didn't feel pressured to make any decisions, moving away is big enough on its own. They acted more like guides than recruiters, and we're still in touch!